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Our Forex Trading & Mentoring Service

Join the best Forex signal service online and get on the fast track to success. You can follow our trades in real time and learn from the best. 'Look over the shoulder' of a professional trader and get the skills you need to make it as a Forex trader.

If you want to take your trading to the next level then joining our Signals Service is crucial. We make our signals as clear as possible and will include our entry point, stop loss level, take profit level and details on why we will enter a particular trade. Read on to see how you will benefit from joining our signals service:


This chart shows how the strategy we trade could have performed on an example account over 18 months.

For detailed performance figures please see our dedicated performance page

These results are based on risking only 1% of the account for every trade entered.
If we risked 2% per trade these results would double.

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Benefits of following our Forex Trading Signals
1. Know when we take trades

By subscribing to our Signal Service you will be informed of every Forex trade we take BEFORE we take them.

2. See how we manage trades

After entering a trade our Forex signals will inform you of any adjustments to stop loss or take profit levels that we will make BEFORE we make them.

3. Understand what is happening in the market

Throughout the day our Forex signal service will be providing general market commentary on what is happening in the market. We also produce a daily summary email explaining what happened in the markets and the trades we took. Purchasers of our strategy guide will also be able to view a our daily summary video.

4. Have your questions answered

Will be available throughout the day to answer any questions you have about the market or any trades we are taking.  

5. Access anywhere
All trades are sent out via email, SMS (text message) and Twitter so you can follow our trades on your computer or through your smart phone.
Follow our Trading Signals and trade like a professional

By fully understanding the strategy we are using and following us implement this strategy in a live market we believe that you will have the optimum chance to become a successful home trader. So sign up now and take the next step towards achieving your dreams.



Exclusive offers for 'My Easy Forex' Guests

SAVE 60% ..... on a 14 day trial
For only £45 £19 you can receive Trading Signals for 14 days. If you would like to continue receiving trades after this period it is only £93 per month. 

SAVE £100 ..... on a 3 month subscription
Sign up for 3 months and save a total of £100. Your initial charge will be £178. You will then be charged this amount every three months.